Frequent Flyer Friday: Finding The Best Airplane Seats

Flying, particularly flying in Economy, can be a bit painful. But there are resources that can help you find the best, most comfortable seat on your flight. We've all gotten stuck in an uncomfortable middle seat, a seat that doesn't recline or a seat near a lavatory. The site SeatGuru can help you avoid those issues completely. Here are our tips on how to find the Best Airplane Seats.

Using SeatGuru

SeatGuru is one of our favorite sites. We use it to scope out our plane's configuration and find the best seats ahead of time. SeatGuru allows you to type in the Airline you’re flying plus the flight number and it will show you all the available seats on the flight. Plus it shows recommendations on the best seats to choose and comments from fellow travelers about their experience in each seat.


SeatGuru labels each site based on Good, standard, mixed, be aware and bad. Our tip, book your flight early and score those good seats. They often have extra legroom and more comfortable, plus often located in better areas of the aircraft. And it goes without saying, but SeatGuru labels seats "bad" as a reason. These seats will not be comfortable for one reason or the other and you should avoid these seats if at all possible.

Before your next flight, visit SeatGuru to find the best airplane seats for your next flight.