Frequent Flyer Friday: New To Points & Miles - Avoid These Mistakes

At some point in time, all of us are "newbies" to the points and miles game. But if you are new to points & miles - avoid these mistakes! Trust us, we had to learn the hard way!

New To Points & Miles - Avoid These Mistakes

Starting down the road of points and miles can be difficult. And we've made mistakes along the way. Here are some of the mistakes we've made ourselves and others we've heard about from our readers. So if you are new to points & miles, avoid these mistakes!


All Points & Miles Are Not Created Equal

There are dozens of types of points and miles such as credit card points, hotel points and airline miles. And just like the various forms of currency in the world, not all points and miles are equal. For example, a Chase Ultimate Reward point is worth almost two cents while a Hilton Honors point is only worth about half of a cent. See a complete guide to points and miles valuations by The Points Guy for more information.

Not Maximizing Points & Miles

Most hotel brands offer promotions like the current Hilton Honors Double Points Promotion. If you are registering for these promotions, you are likely missing out on hundreds if not thousands of points.

Reserving a rental car? Most rental car companies allow you to earn airline miles for your rental. Generally all you'll need to do is include your preferred airline's frequent flyer number in your rental car reservation to earn miles!

See our complete guide to earning frequent flyer miles without ever stepping foot on a plane.

Misunderstanding Credit

Credit can be scary. And applying for credit cards can be intimidating. But it doesn't have to be. In fact, having credit cards and using your credit wisely can actually help improve your credit score. And the more credit cards you have, the more available credit and credit history you'll have, which will help increase your credit score.


Being Intimidated By Annual Fees

Yes, a $395 annual fee on a credit card can be hard to swallow. But when that fee comes with a $300 travel credit, a TSA precheck credit, priority pass, trip insurance and more, it suddenly becomes easier to justify. We don't mind paying hefty annual fees for our credit long as we feel we are getting a good return.

New to points & miles, new to credit cards, want to travel more, etc.? Let us help! Feel free to ask us a question. Just a leave a comment below or on our Facebook page!