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Andaz Peninsula Papagayo

The Andaz Peninsula Papagayo is located 30 minutes from the Liberia Airport. When you arrive at the Andaz Peninsula Papgayo, one of the first things you’ll notice is the beautiful landscaping and distinct architecture. From the shell-shaped studios to the zero edged cascading pools, the hotel’s design is inspired by Costa Rica’s natural landscape.

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Weekend Wanderings: Scottsdale, Arizona Guide

We have been visiting Scottsdale, Arizona since we met. And it's one of our favorite places to spend a relaxing long weekend. Yes it's hot, but what better way to spend a weekend than laying by the pool with a cocktail in hand? Scottsdale is known as Arizona’s luxury watering hole. It's quickly become an oasis of Sonoran mountainside resorts offering, outdoor activities, lavish shopping and an incredible food scene. And Scottsdale has nearly 300 sunny days a year!

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